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As a double board-certified vascular surgeon in Austin, TX, Dr. Christopher W. Brennig is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of care when treating patients with cosmetic and complex vein conditions. He is the founder and director of the Austin Vein Institute, which was established in 2006. He is currently the only surgeon certified by The American Board of Vascular Surgery in Austin dedicated exclusively to the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of vein conditions. Alongside his experienced medical staff, Dr. Brennig provides the highest level of care in the management of varicose veins, spider veins, blood clots, leg pain, and other venous disorders. 

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Healthy leg veins are delicate, elegant, and vital parts of our peripheral vascular system. Vein conditions like varicose veins and others, interfere with normal circulation. Over time vein conditions will worsen resulting in more damage to nearby veins, surrounding soft tissue, and skin. A thorough vascular evaluation and treatment is essential to successfully address these conditions and achieve the feeling and appearance of truly healthful legs.

At the Austin Vein Institute, you will find compassion and understanding as Dr. Brennig listens to your concerns to gain insight into any vascular problems you might be experiencing. We are able to eliminate these damaged veins in gentle, effective ways in the comfort of this office. In the past, treating varicose veins meant removal of these veins with surgery at the hospital. Not anymore. During your first vascular appointment, you will go through a comprehensive vascular evaluation. In a private consultation room, he will use an in-depth vein ultrasound study to assist in locating the root cause of the vein problem. Dr. Brennig will then review the findings and explain the best treatment plan for you. Our minimally invasive procedures allow for a quick recovery. Dr. Brennig personally performs all treatments at AVI, such as sclerotherapy, endovenous laser therapy, cosmetic vein treatments, surface lasers, and much more. Visit Dr. Brennig to find out how you can start living a life without the pain and appearance of varicose or spider veins.

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