1. Dr. Brennig is Austin’s only board certified vascular surgeon, with a practice dedicated exclusively to the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of vein conditions. Board-certification in Vascular Surgery requires a 7 year intensive training and education in the fields of both general surgery and the surgical subspecialty known as vascular surgery. There is no other board certification with a more rigorous, thorough and focused training for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases than Vascular Surgery.

2. Your vein treatment, all procedures from start to finish, will never be passed off or delegated to other doctors, nurses, physician’s assistants or medical assistants. Varicose vein and other vein treatment procedures are critically sensitive procedures that will have lifelong consequences for your vascular health. Dr. Brennig’s goal is to make sure these procedures are always performed as safely and effectively as possible, thus improving outcomes and minimizing risk. When these procedures are passed off to and performed by “assistants” the varying levels of experience, skill and qualification can affect quality of care. At the Austin Vein Institute, all procedures are performed personally by Dr. Brennig.

3. Dr. Brennig has many years of dedicated training, focused experience, and great success in treating some of the most complex arterial and venous peripheral vascular conditions. Dr. Brennig’s breadth of experience and success in treating peripheral vascular conditions allows him a unique perspective and qualification in helping his patients with their individual vein problems. As part of Dr. Brennig’s seven years of intensive training during his general surgery residency and vascular surgery fellowship, he underwent rigorous dedicated education and training culminating in his certification as a board certified vascular surgeon.

4. “Rescue Therapy” is provided for recurrent varicose veins for patients that have undergone previously unsuccessful vein procedures. Dr. Brennig will put together a comprehensive treatment plan for each of his patients to decrease the likelihood of recurrence. Each patients treatment plan is focused, detailed, and tailored for their specific condition and therefore more likely to be successful.

5. Austin Vein Institute works with all private insurance providers and medicare. This includes our in-network and out of network insurance providers. Our staff at the Austin Vein Institute will always work to obtain your appropriate benefits through your insurance policy. Most vein treatments of a clinical nature, including those for varicose veins, leg swelling, leg pain, bulging veins and skin changes, are eligible for Insurance coverage. Each patient’s case is unique and we will work to communicate your unique situation to your insurance provider.

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