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About Microphlebectomies

Varicose veins are generally identified as being a cosmetic nuisance. However, what many people don’t know is if left untreated, varicose veins can result in significant health problems. As a double board-certified vascular surgeon and founder of the Austin Vein Institute, Dr. Christopher Brennig will share what those risks are and how he treats varicose veins in a private consultation at his office. One strategy for eliminating large, bulging surface veins is through a technique called microphlebectomy, which involves tiny incisions about the vein for its removal. Microphlebectomies are performed in our Austin, TX office to reduce pain, and help patients prevent future health problems while restoring the appearance of the legs.

Best Candidates

While some vein treatments are purely for aesthetic purposes, many of our patients request a consultation for varicose veins because of pain. Men and women who endure the discomfort of large diseased veins and the disfiguring appearance of varicose veins at the surface of their skin could be a candidate for a microphlebectomy. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Brennig would be the first step you would take in your quest for less pain, smoother skin, and better vascular health.

Treatment Details

A microphlebectomy is not like older techniques of the past like vein stripping, which caused patients to have unpleasant recoveries and much more healing time. Today, Dr. Brennig performs a microphlebectomy in about 30 – 45 minutes. Our medical team will help prep you for this minimally invasive procedure by injecting an anesthetic solution into your leg to numb the area. Then, Dr. Brennig will make a series of 1 – 2mm incisions and remove the vein. Most often all that is needed is a bandage (no sutures), which should allow you to return to routine activities immediately.

Having the diseased varicose vein removed properly by a trained vascular surgeon, like Dr. Brennig, will not adversely impact venous blood return. In fact, not only will the pain be gone from the varicose vein, your blood will flow more efficiently through the remaining healthy veins. You will no longer have the vein causing the blood pooling in the faulty vein.


Many patients are amazed that after having a microphlebectomy they can return to normal activities and not have to take several days off of work. While it is important to not perform strenuous activities after a vein is removed, it should not limit your ability to go to work, walk normally, or any other routine activities. You will leave our office with an ace bandage and a compression stocking to wear during your recovery after a microphlebectomy. If you experience any concerning symptoms like infection, fever, or extreme pain please call our office for medical assistance.

Let's Find Solutions

Large, bulging veins are not only aesthetically unappealing, they can be chronically painful and damaging to your vascular system. As a board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Brennig is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of care when treating cosmetic or complex vein conditions. Schedule your first appointment today in our Austin office.

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