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State-of-the-Art Treatment for Varicose Veins

Problem veins can impact your life in many negative ways. You may realize it has been years since you felt confident wearing shorts or a bathing suit. Maybe you have become progressively more sedentary because exercising or standing too long creates uncomfortable pressure or pain in your legs. Perhaps you’ve gained weight, become embarrassed about your appearance, or declined in physical vibrancy. The wonderful news: state-of-the- art vein treatment can get you back into action again.

The Specialist

At the Austin Vein Institute, you will find compassion and understanding as your vein specialist first listens to your concerns. You will then experience a thorough examination, including ultrasound testing that will locate the root of your problems. The renowned medical team is led by Christopher W. Brennig, MD, double board certified in general and vascular surgery, who will recommend the best treatment plan for you. An array of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures that promise quick recoveries are performed right in the office. You will walk out of the Austin Vein Institute with life-changing results. “It’s important to understand varicose veins are unhealthy. They interfere with proper blood flow and eventually damage the skin and continue to worsen over time,” notes Dr. Brennig. “Addressing varicosities allows the venous system to become more efficient. No one should accept this condition as a normal part of life. We enjoy giving patients the healthier and more comfortable lives they deserve.”

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“When veins lose their elasticity, the one-way valves inside the veins no longer close properly. Blood pools in the affected veins and they enlarge, producing the discolored bulges of varicose veins and the webs of spider veins you see beneath your skin.”
—Dr. Brennig

Varicose & Spider Vein Treatments
by Christopher W. Brennig, MD

The American Board of General Surgery
The American Board of Vascular Surgery
Frequently Asked Questions: Answered by Dr. Brennig

Should I wait to have treatment until after having children? No. Pregnancy and aging usually advance the problem, bringing on the need for more extensive treatment that might have been avoided if intervention had been sought before pregnancy.
Varicose vein treatment is just cosmetic, right?
No. Varicose veins are unattractive, but they are also unhealthy. Diseased veins will not get better on their own—nor can they be effectively treated with superficial, cosmetic-based approaches. The underlying problems will likely worsen over time and should be evaluated by a vascular specialist.
Are varicose vein treatments covered by insurance?
Yes. Most varicose vein treatments are covered by insurance.