Simple Steps To Help Prevent Venous Ulcers

If you’ve ever had a venous ulcer in your leg, you know just how uncomfortable they can be. Often referred to as venous insufficiency, these ‘ulcers’ are small wounds that occur in subdermal regions around the calves and ankles that can cause troubles for your leg veins. When the flow of blood to extremities that are far from your heart becomes impeded, it can be detrimental to your skin and blood’s health.

The First Signs Of Ulcers

If you notice your skin tone starting to gradient to a purple or darkish blue tint in areas surrounding your ankles or calves, you may be developing moderate to severe forms of venous ulcers. After a few days of noticing the discoloration, the skin will quickly become tender and sore, especially after long bouts of sitting or laying down.

Although rare, severe cases of venous ulcers can lead to greater health issues in a patient. The swelling of legs can make walking uncomfortable, sometimes nearly impossible, and call for immediate medical attention. Should one of these subdermal wounds become infected, antibiotic treatments would be needed for swelling relief and the future function of the leg.

Helping Prevent Serious Skin Issues

Some of the most common causes of venous ulcers and other vein issues are everyday things that many people partake in. Buildup of fat and the onset of obesity is a very big cause to these painful ulcers, which is usually coupled with the lack of physical activity. Another very common catalyst is smoking, due to the dangers of the many toxins like tar that reside in cigarettes and find their way into the bloodstream after being smoked.

Simple steps that can help prevent the rapid onset of these dermal difficulties are:

  • Moderately routine exercise
  • Abandoning toxic indulgences
  • Frequent exposure to sunlight
  • Vitamins to increase blood flow

Professional Help For Your Skin And Veins

Whether you’re experiencing severe vein discomfort and issues, or you are just simply worried about the future of your veins and skin, you should consider getting a professional opinion. In the event of your suspicion that your leg pain could be related to a venous issue or subdermal ulcer, it is important that you seek a professional medical opinion. If you’ve been suffering from any time of venous or vascular problem, contact the Austin Vein Institute to schedule your consultation appointment today.

Prevent Venous Ulcers

Prevent Venous Ulcers

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